Alter Ego

Lost and found private images of strippers and call girls from the end of the 20th century, altered.


»They often wanted to know what my real name was. I told them truthfully that I used my own name on stage, which always made them laugh in disbelief. You don’t look like a Karen to me, they’d say.«


»Yeah, I remember that night. But I’m not going to talk about it. Show my scars, let folks make their own sense of it.«


»It’s a strange sensation at first, surrendering your body to whatever beast comes around. Then you get used to it. Then you start luring them in. Once you realize that your body is not really yours anymore, you lose your fear of being eaten, right?«


»You can use my photo, but not my face. My boundaries haven’t changed since then. It was always a game of hide and seek, and no one ever found Beth, because Candy was in the bedroom coo-cooing at the top of her voice.«


»I almost don’t remember that girl. It’s like she’s not me, like she’s a distant friend of mine, someone I haven’t met for a long time.«

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